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Margaret River Cooperage

About Us

Margaret River Cooperage - Cooperage in Western AustraliaWith it’s origins in Europe, this ancient craft of oak barrel making has a significant place in today’s modern world.

Margaret River Cooperage services the entire state of Western Australia.  The Cooperage specialises in repairing, reconditioning, toasting, charring of barrels and also recycling of old barrels into infusion bag staves,  along with various recycled wine oak artisan products.

Here at Margaret River Cooperage, those skills and techniques have been passed on, so the best of traditional workmanship can be applied.

Advantages of Working with a Cooper in Western Australia

  • Quality of the barrel can be determined, once it is taken apart.
  • Assessment can be made such as the efficiency of winery barrel wash
  • Identifying blistered and hygiene quality of the barrel

Servicing | New Barrel Repairs

Margaret River Cooperage provides an Australia wide service to the  following industries:

  • Wine Industry
  • Beer Industry
  • Spirit Industry

The Cooperage will also purchase used barrels from wineries that have no further use for them.

Margaret River Cooperage is a member of the following Wine Associations in Western Australia: